Recycling iphone The mobile phone recycling provides positive effect on the environment because the mobile phone has many chemicals like zinc, arsenic, lead and mercury. Many researchers have shown that the recycling o the mobile phones must be increased to create awareness in the environment. This can be done with all the types and models of the mobile phones and one of the reputed recycle iPhone Services Company is the Mazuma. Make sure that the company recycles the product in an efficient way and the materials are disposed according to the environmental principles. A study says that more than 150 million mobile phones are recycled every year. The business will also improve if many people opt for the recycling business. If the mobile is not recycled or disposed properly then the hazardous chemicals will come out and ruin the environment. You can opt for the refurbishing of the mobile phones only when the mobile is working in good condition. Whenever you want to buy the new mobile phone you can think about the recycling process for the mobile phones. This will be useful for the future generations also. It helps to rectify the materials extracted during the manufacture. There are comparison tools available online and you can make use of them for comparing the recycling websites. Not only the mobile phones the electronic gadgets like ipods and the mp3 player also has the hazardous materials in them and they are extracted fully from the recycling process. So the recycling process helps the environment.